Bank History

23 June 2009

Sacombank opened its Phnom Penh Branch, making it the 27th foreign bank to operate in Cambodia and the first Vietnamese bank to invest in the country. In pioneering the entry into the Cambodian banking sector, Sacombank Phnom Penh branch has contributed to an increase in cross-border trade between Cambodia and Vietnam. This event marks another milestone in the bank’s growth in Indochina region.
Through its newest branch, Sacombank provides diversified products and services to meet service requirements of individual and SME customers in the host country. 

8 December 2010

Sacombank celebrated the grand opening of the first sub-branch in Phnom Penh: Olympic sub-branch, located at one of the busiest trading area in the city. The sub-branch supports to fulfil a high demand of financial services in the Olympic market area by providing key products and services such as trade finance, business loan, and money transfer.

30 August 2011

Sacombank continued to expand branch network as a part of its   expansion strategy in Cambodia by opening the second sub-branch, located at Vietnamese Supermarket. The new branch creates significant opportunities for individual and business customers in the surroundings through diversified products and services and its convenient location particularly.

5 September 2011

Sacombank opened its third sub-branch in the western part of Phnom Penh city, located at Chbar Ampeou market area. As one of the crowded area in the city, where economic development is growing rapidly, Chbar Ampeou sub-branch has the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the business conditions of market vendors.

1 October 2011

The Board of Directors announced to transform its Phnom Penh branch into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sacombank under the approval of National Bank of Cambodia and support of State Bank of Vietnam. This important event marked the transition to a new phase in the development and performance improvement strategy of Sacombank in Cambodia in particular and in Indochina in general, thus further promoting the good trading relationships of the business communities between Vietnam and Cambodia.

22 March 2012

For the first time, Sacombank (Cambodia) Plc. started outreaching to one of the busiest trading hubs outside the capital city by opening a branch in Kampong Cham province. Besides the key products & services to meet the financial demands of local customers, the newest branch provides quick money transfer services between Kampong Cham and Phnom Penh, increasing the trading capacity between the country’s two biggest economic hubs. 

1 August 2012

Sacombank (Cambodia) Plc. replaced personnel of the Board of Directors. According to a resolution of the Board of Directors of Sacombank, from 1 August 2012, Mr. Tran Xuan Huy resigned from the position of Chairman of the BOD of Sacombank (Cambodia) Plc. The BOD of Sacombank (Cambodia) Plc has also agreed to elect Mr. Tram Be - Permanent Vice Chairman of the BOD of Sacombank - to the position of Chairman of the BOD of Sacombank (Cambodia) Plc. 

26 Novemeber 2012

In response to strong demands from of the bank’s customers, Sacombank (Cambodia) Plc. moved its Vietnamese Supermarket Branch to larger office located at 537 A-B Monivong Boulevard, Phnom Penh under the name Preah Monivong branch. The creation of a new transaction office in the city centre is the right thing to support the continuous expansion of bank. The new office has a perfect location where the economic development, strategy and growth potential exist.

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