The secret to have your own house when you are still young

How to have your own dream house when you are still young?

Your dream house

We have many places to go but only one place to return: our home with the beloved ones surrounding. The dream of owning a house is a long-lasting dream and the desire to bring ultimate happiness to our beloved ones. Thus, one important concern is raised: how to have your own dream house when you are still young?

Stop renting house and start thinking of buying your own house right now!

  • If you rent houses, then you must save an amount of money to pay the house rental every month, which might be sufficient for you to buy your house in the future. In the meantime, inflation rate and real estate price have a tendency to become higher and higher over the years. In order to afford your own house, it is a must to save for a long time, while at the same time, you are not guaranteed that the real estate price will stay the same as your initial estimation. Would you rather look at yourself as in the perspective of a sixty-year-old person or a thirty-year-old to actually realize that you have owned a house in the future?
  • That being said, start thinking of housing loans and use your purchased property as the collateral for mortgage. While your monthly house rental is considered liabilities, the amount of periodic loan interest you pay for housing loans is considered the investment cost and eventually, the house will belong to you after a specific period of time.

Do not worry whether you are eligible for loans

    • You will be more likely to make your dream of a house come true if you book a meeting with our banking officers. We will give you advice on home loan product so that you can understand more with regards to loan conditions, collaterals and monthly interest. You can use your purchased property as the collateral and we will offer you loans amounting to 70% of property value. We can even offer you loans amounting to 100% of the property value if your collateral is eligible to secure loans (you can borrow property from your parents or siblings as mortgage for loans). Loan term is up to 20 years. If you are anxious about the fluctuation of periodic interest rates, you can choose installment loans with fixed periodic interest during loan term. More importantly, should you aim at property projects in cooperation with our bank, loans conditions and procedures will become especially easier and more convenient to your likings.

    You will be more likely to make your dream of owning a house come true if you continuously think of it. It is worth mentioning that life does not wait for anyone, so make your dreams come true without hesitation not only for yourself but also for your beloved ones. When you grow old, you will feel proud of what you have done when you were still young. We wish you all the success in life.

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