Supporting FDI Enterprises

The contribution of foreign direct investment to the economic growth of Vietnam

The strong growth of foreign direct investment in Vietnam

In the years to come, economic zones received foreign investment capital have been contributing significantly to the growth of Vietnam’s economy. The preferential policies regarding corporate income tax, import-export tax, priority administrative procedures implemented by the Government, etc. have also boosted the investment. 
Thus, scale, the average growth rate of the capital flowing into the Vietnam market is over 10% per annual. According to recent statistics of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, as of early 2017, there are 116 countries and territories investing in Vietnam through 22,792 projects with total registered capital of US5.6 billions. Korea has led with total investments and number of projects (i.e. more than US billions), followed by Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. Total import-export turnovers of FDI enterprises in 2016 increased by 9% compared to that of 2015, contributed to 65% of total import-export turnovers of the nation.

Specific financial packages for FDI enterprises

Be aware of the important role as well as the big demands from FDI enterprises, Vietnamese credit institutions have focused on approaching this type of customer. For instance, Sacombank has launched many appropriate products and services that have met demands from each foreign investor investing in Vietnam. In detail, the Bank has offered the preferential package relating to fees customized for Japanese enterprises – Resona Bank, particular products for satellite companies of Samsung Group, LG, etc. and many other products and services for FDI enterprises who are new customers to Sacombank.
Besides, Sacombank has continued offering preferential programs that facilitate FDI enterprises doing their businesses in Vietnam such as: free of/decrease charges of international and domestic money transfering service, free of charge relating to account opening and maintenance, preferential fees for pay-roll service up to 1 year, etc. The representative of a HCMC-based FDI enterprise said: “We are interested in the pay-roll service offered by Sacombank in terms of its wide transaction network, quite big ATM network, low fees of using banking card that have met our needs”.

Foster the growth of multilingual employees in order to well-serve FDI enterprises

Moreover, Sacombank is one of the banks fostering its multi-national language speaking employees in order to serve FDI enterprises. Sacombank has coordinated with its partner, Resona Bank (Japan), to found Japanese customers-focused business development team with employees to be native speakers in order to give Japanese enterprises investing in the Vietnam market advice on related procedures, policies efficiently. It is an effort to boost the national economic development through drawing foreign investments.
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