Visa Credit Card

Perfect financial reserve solution for all customers


  • Solution to the problem of foreign currency conversion when going abroad
  • Convenience in personal spending management
  • Particularly useful for timely payment of tuition fees and cost of living of families with relatives or children studying abroad
  • Credit limit up to USD15,000
  • Buy first, pay later with up to 55 days of free-interest period
  • Pure credit, no collateral
  • Payment at millions of POS around the world or via the Internet
  • Cash withdrawal of 50% of credit limit at all domestic and abroad ATMs with Visa symbol.
  • Entitlement to the program Sacombank Plus: Discount up to 50% at all stores, restaurants, tourist attractions, educational organizations etc. with the symbol: (More)
  • Call Hotline 24/7: (855) 23 223 423

Conditions and documents

Application conditions

  • Principal card: Individual aged from 18 to 65 with permanent/current residence within Sacombank’s operation network.
  • Supplementary card: Individual aged from 18 to 65
  • Employed applicants with:
    + Working period: at least 06 consecutive months at an entity (excluding probationary period)
    + Stable income: At least USD400/month for employee working in Phnom Penh or at least USD300 /month for employee who working in another provinces/city which has Sacombank’s operation network
    + Stable income: At least USD350/month for employee who is working in Financial Institution like Bank, MFI and Metfone (Viettel (Cambodia) PTE. LTD. At least USD250/month for government officer.
    Note: If you may not fit with any of the criteria listed above, please call our Customer Service at hotline 24/7 for consultancy: (855) 23 223 423

Application documents:

  • Credit card application form
  • Personal identity: one of the following documents: Copy of ID / Passport card (both sides)
  • Evidence of residence: Copy of Family book. In case the current residence is different from the permanent residence (address stated in the Family book), please add a copy of one of the following documents:
    + Confirmation on temporary address/ Temporary residence book
    + House ownership certificate/ Land use right certificate
    + Electricity, water bills… at the current residence
  • Income proofs:
    For employed applicants: one of the following sets of documents must be provided:
    + Valid labor contract/promote letter or other documents (If any)
    + Confirmation letter/salary confirmation has validity in 01 month/company confirmation at the back of Credit Card Application and Agreement.
    + Salary book/passbook/bank statement/ Slip salary for the latest 03 months/ Other documents (If any or).
    Note: All the documents must be valid and effective. Any copy version must be checked against the original or be notarized by a competent authority.

Application Methods:


Sacombank Plus preferential program (More)

Terms and conditions

Sacombank Plus preferential program (More)

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