How to protect your card and fraud

Sacombank is a pioneer in the adoption of cutting-edge card security technologies and services on all transaction channels including ATMs, agents, stores and e-commerce websites.

Transactions at Sacombank’s ATMs

  • A 24/7 modern security camera system has already been installed at Sacombank’s more than 900 ATMs across Vietnam, in Laos and Cambodia, to supervise the transaction areas, hence identifying and handling issues such as ATM swallowing customer’s card or money, or fraudulent transactions, etc. In particular, this system is helpful in pinpointing high-tech crimes, e.g. the use of ATM skimmers to steal card information. Besides, Sacombank has a dedicated team of ATM maintenance technicians who perform regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the machines’ good operation and minimize ATM failures.

In-store payment

  • Sacombank’s card holders can have peace of mind making payments with EMV chip card technology – the standard smart payment co-developed by three largest card alliances in the world including Europay, MasterCard and Visa. An EMV chip card helps enhance security in transactions by working against data reproduction and loss via a built-in electronic chip and microprocessor modelling an epitomized, multi-function computer, which encodes important data with high confidentiality to store. At present, most of Sacombank’s  international cards have been converted to EMV. In particular, Sacombank will offer to exchange, free of charge, previously-issued magnetic cards of Sacombank Visa Debit and Sacombank MasterCard (including both Classic and Gold classes) for new EMV ones from now to December 31st, 2016 under guidelines of the State Bank of Vietnam.

Online shopping

Together with the robust development of e-commerce, card payment on shopping websites is becoming more and more popular. To protect both card holders and online businesses, Sacombank has adopted international-standard security measures such as Tokenization technology, which encodes card number into special characters to prevent card reproduction and automatically saves encoded data to save time for customers at their next shopping; Sacombank 3D Secure service, which enhances security for online payment transactions via Sacombank’s international cards by providing card holder with a one-time password (OTP) via SMS or token security devices at the time of shopping, etc.

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