How to save money with your card

Sacombank’s card payment service, value-added by various attractive promotions and sales programs, helps customers to spend their money in a more economical and effective way.

Up to 50% discount

Sacombank regularly cooperates with prestigious brands to offer attractive sale promotions and discounts of up to 50% to cardholders, including

  • Sacombank Plus Program: Cardholders get up to 50% off within Indochina region at hundreds of our affiliated stores, restaurants, tourist areas, etc.
  • Plus Day Program Cardholders get, on a monthly basis, “shocking” discount promotions from various brands or get additional preferences besides the discounted price.

To enjoy exclusive offers and special discounts.

បិទ ​០២៣ ២២៣ ៤២៣ អត្រាប្តូរប្រាក់ អត្រាការប្រាក់ បណ្តាញ​ប្រតិបត្តិការ ព័ត៌មានប្រូម៉ូសិន ឱកាសការងារ ទម្រង់ផ្ដល់មតិយោបល់ ស្នើសុំឥណទាន
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