Flexi Savings Account

Effective capital accumulation


  • Earn interest daily, credited monthly
  • Enjoy monthly interest bonus based on actual average balance
  • Enjoy a variety of payment methods including cheque payment
  • Conduct unlimited transactions at any branch of Sacombank Cambodia
  • Free passbook to manage account balance effectively
  • Receive or transfer money both domestically and internationally
  • Free top-up service
  • Balance management via Internet banking/ SMS banking service


  • Flexible currency options: USD or KHR
  • Initial deposit:
    + USD 5 or KHR 20,000 (without cheque book)
    + USD 200 or KHR 800,000 (with cheque book)
  • Free monthly account service fee
  • Options of free issued card (Local Debit card or Visa Debit card)
  • ATM cash withdrawal with maximum amount up to USD10,000 per day
  • Enjoy attractive interest rate (please refer to table of Interest Rate)

Conditions and documents

  • Apply for both resident and non-resident
  • Individuals must be at least 18 years old or above
  • Valid identity card or passport
  • Other documents (if any) required by Sacombank
  • Terms and conditions of using account (More)

To enjoy exclusive offers and special discounts.

បិទ ​០២៣ ២២៣ ៤២៣ ថ្លៃសេវា អត្រាការប្រាក់ អត្រាប្តូរប្រាក់ ស្នើសុំឥណទាន ផ្ដល់មតិយោបល់ ឱកាសការងារ កម្មវិធីប្រូម៉ូសិន បណ្តាញ​ប្រតិបត្តិការ
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