Sacombank Cambodia Organizes The 20th Charity Program ''Am Tinh Mua Xuan''


On the morning of January 11, 2023 at the headquarters of Khmer – Vietnam Association in Cambodia, Sacombank Cambodia held the 20th charity program “Am Tinh Mua Xuan”. Through the program, Sacombank Cambodia’s Management Board visited and handed over 100 gifts with a total budget of USD 4,200, each gift worth USD 42, including: cash USD 10 and rice, essential necessities worth USD 32 to families with difficulties currently living in the wards and districts of Phnom Penh capital.

Sacombank is a leading commercial, multi-purpose, modern bank in Indochina (Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia), with the motto ” Growing Together “, Sacombank also focuses on programs for the social community. The first program “Am Tinh Mua Xuan” was held by Sacombank in 2004 until now fully 20 years. This year, the program was implemented from December 23, 2022 with a total budget of over USD 339,130 to share the difficulties, motivate the spirit and bring joy when Tet comes to the unfortunate circumstances throughout the provinces across the country, as well as the Vietnamese people in Laos and Cambodia in Indochina, showing the compassionate spirit of Sacombank: “Long-term attachment, contributing to social security and local economic development”.

Sacombank Cambodia would like to sincerely thank the Embassy of Vietnam in Cambodia and Khmer – Vietnam Association in Cambodia for enthusiastically helping Sacombank Cambodia to successfully implement the charity program “Am Tinh Mua Xuan “.

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