Credit Card Fees

Credit Visa Card Fees

By using your ATM Card from Sacombank, you can withdraw cash, Transfer funds between accounts, as well as check account balances at anytime and anywhere. Below is a list of credit card transaction fees with a description.

Service Charges and Fees Unsecured Visa Credit Secured Visa Credit
Issuance fee Free Free
Processing fee
Primary card  Free USD 15.00 (*)
Supplementary card  Free USD 5.00 (*)
Annual fee
Primary card USD 15.00 Free
Supplementary card USD 10.00 Free
Replacement fee
Primary card USD 10.00 USD 5.00
Supplementary card USD 10.00 USD 5.00
Cash withdrawal at ATM with logo 2% (min USD 3.00)​
Fund transfer fee at ATM Sacombank Cambodia 2% (min USD 3.00)​
Balance inquiry fee at ATM with logo USD 0.50 per transaction
Foreign currency conversion fee/Cross border fee 2% or adjusted by Sacombank Cambodia in each period
Pin reissuance fee USD 2.00
Incorrect charge back fee (false complaint) USD 8.00
Special request fee USD 5.00
Return card/Stop using card within 6 months USD 10.00
Late payment fee  5% (min USD 10.00)  5% (min USD 5.00)
Over credit limit fee 0.075%/day (min USD 2.00)
Credit limit change fee USD 10.00 USD 5.00
Minimum monthly repayment 10% (min USD 20.00) 10% (min USD 10.00)


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