Established on June 23, 2009, Sacombank Cambodia is the first bank of Vietnam operating in Cambodia. After 12 years of establishment and development, Sacombank Cambodia has been gradually affirming its position as a dynamic and effective retail bank in Cambodia. Up to now, Sacombank Cambodia has the network with 1 Head Office and 9 branches serving more than 21,000 clients in both cities and provinces in Cambodia.

In recent years, Sacombank Cambodia has continuously offered products and services suitable to clients’ financial demands, including deposit products with high-interest rates and flexible receiving interest methods such as Flexible Fixed Deposit, Premium Fixed Deposit, and Future Deposit,…. In addition, loan products such as Business Loan, Consumer Loan, Housing Loan, Car Loan, and Market Loan in line with the client needs as well. Especially, Fastest Money Transfer is always the best choice with the convenience and preferential fees for clients when doing the domestic and international transfers.

With the strategic goal of digitizing the bank, Sacombank Cambodia has constantly applied technological advances to the bank’s transaction and management activities. Particularly in 2020, Sacombank Cambodia has launched an e-banking application named “SC mBanking” – an outstanding technology application that helps clients flexibly and conveniently conduct banking transactions without visiting the branch.

During the economic period affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Sacombank Cambodia promptly offered flexible solutions for clients such as decreasing loan interest rates, restructuring debt, actively supporting the community by joining hands to help people in difficult periods. This is also the commitment of Sacombank Cambodia to clients “Growing together”.

On the occasion of the 12th anniversary, Sacombank Cambodia has launched a Visa Credit Card Promotion.  New cardholders will get a free first-year annual fee and cashback up to 20% for the first transaction. Especially a great opportunity to immediately receive $50 shopping vouchers for all cardholders for those who got the highest total transaction value and get 50% discount on fees when converting into the 0% interest installment plan.

Sacombank Cambodia would like to send sincere thanks to the National Banks of Cambodia, authorities, valued clients, and partners for always trusting and accompanying us during the past 12 years in the beautiful country of wonder temples.

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