On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, Sacombank Cambodia held a conference to review the work in 2021 and set the direction of the business plan for 2022 at Norodom headquarters. On behalf of Sacombank, welcoming the presence of Mr. Ha Ton Trung Hanh – a member of Sacombank Supervisory Board, Mr. Ha Van Trung – Deputy General Director of Sacombank. On the side of Sacombank Cambodia, welcoming the presence of Mr. Trinh Van Ty – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sacombank Cambodia, Mr. Nguyen Thuc Vinh – Chairman – Board of Directors – Sacombank Laos cum independent member – Board of Directors – Sacombank Cambodia, Mr. Nguyen Nhi Thanh – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director – Sacombank Cambodia and also welcoming the presence of members – Board of Directors, Board of Management, Heads, Branch Manager and all the excellent staff.

In 2021, the world economy still continue to be heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, despite of difficult situation, Sacombank Cambodia can still find timely solutions and successfully complete the plan and honored to receive the title of excellent unit in 2021.

During the conference, Mr. Phung Thai Phung – Member of the Board of Directors cum Deputy General Director – Sacombank Cambodia reported the business results in 2021 and the strategic business plan in 2022. The conference discussed about key solutions: “How to expand business scope, increase operational efficiency, strengthen risk management and implement a comprehensive successful business plan in 2022”.

In that solemn atmosphere, Sacombank Cambodia organized honoring and rewarding titles for staff and units with excellent achievements in 2021 who have made great contributions for Sacombank Cambodia achievements.

At the same time, Sacombank Cambodia also held a ceremony to hand over business plan in 2022 in order to boost competition and achieve the goal set target in 2022.

At the Conference, Sacombank Cambodia is honored to receive the direction from the Board of Management – Sacombank and Board of Directors – Sacombank Cambodia as a premise for Sacombank Cambodia to get new achievements.

The conference ended successfully in an exciting atmosphere, along with the comments and direction of the Sacombank leaders that encouraged the spirit, the strength for Sacombank Cambodia to complete the business plan in 2022

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